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The SAIFE Technology Suite including SAIFE Mobile for Voice & Messaging Leverages NSA Suite B Security Protocols and is FIPS 140.2 Validated by NIST.


100% Secure. Any Device. Any Network. Any Situation

  • Secure Voice, IM, data-at-rest and data-at-transit
  • FIPS 140-2 validated, NSA Suite B cryptographic core
  • Bandwidth efficient, fast certificate revocations with remote wipe and local panic
  • Agile software solution, no hardware mods required
  • Intuitive interface

SAIFE Mobile- Modern defense requires agile, secure voice and messaging communication on the ground and at the command level. Mobile devices are inherently exposed, being designed to make more data more readily accessible by users, which unfortunately makes that same data easy to intercept.

SAIFE Connect- Mobile apps and devices increase on-the-go enterprise productivity, enabling greater business connectivity.

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