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The SAIFE Technology Suite including SAIFE Mobile for Voice & Messaging Leverages NSA Suite B Security Protocols and is FIPS 140.2 Validated by NIST.

Product Details: ARM-LP15-G Rugged Laptop

iX104C5 DMSR

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  • Magnesium alloy case - 20 times stronger than ABS plastic, offering higher survival rate after drops and bumps.
  • 26 drops from 76 cm height to plywood over concrete with unit off and display closed. 5 units to pass. Simulate MIL STD 810G, Method 516.6, Procedure IV.
  • Anti-shock mounting design protects LCD screen and hard disk drive from damage and data loss.
    Flexible HDD cable design absorbs shock from drops.
  • Simulate MIL STD 810G, Method 514.6, Procedure I, Category 4, Fig 514.6C-1
  • Represents Truck Transport on interstates
    highway for 1609km in 60 minutes
  • Spill resistant keyboard, touchpad and switches.
  • Spill resistant design stops spills from leaking into sensitive interior parts.
  • Exclusive optical disk tray lock prevents unintentional tray eject from drop and vibration.
  • Double protection smart battery circuitry prevents damage caused by current or voltage surges and overheating.
  • Smart Battery Calibration helps fight the loss of battery capacity after repeated charge-discharge cycles.
  • Intel® i7 processor 640M, Intel® i5 processor
  • 560M, Intel® i3 processor 380M
  • Intel® Pentium®Processor P6200
  • Intel® QM57 Chipset
  • Two Dual Channel DDR III SODIMM Slots each for 2GB/4GB (8GB Maximum)
    2.5” 9.5mm Hard Disk Drive, 320/500/750GB, SATA II 300
  • Anti Shock Mounted HDD (Protection From Vibration In Transporting)

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