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The SAIFE Technology Suite including SAIFE Mobile for Voice & Messaging Leverages NSA Suite B Security Protocols and is FIPS 140.2 Validated by NIST.

About Us

Ascent Rugged Mobile (ARM) formed in 2012 and has a seasoned staff of industry veterans who wanted to make a personal difference in their lives and those they serve. Our team remains committed to people – our people, our customers and the people our customers serve.

Our Business

Ascent Rugged Mobile (ARM) provides the Department of Defense, all Federal Agencies, Public Safety, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Mining and Transportation all rugged disciplines with hardware technology and software services to fulfill their needs. Examples include: Fully Rugged Android Smartphone's, Fully Rugged Cell Phones, Fully Rugged PDAs and handhelds, Fully Rugged Tablets and Laptop Computers. We remain vendor independent to bring together a myriad of partners from across the world to better assist in the right solution. Our goal is to match the right product to meet the mission statement.

Core Concepts

Leadership, Culpability, Responsibility, Flexibility – Our technology services create better solutions for our clients/partners when compared to our competitors and their programs. We stand behind our work, and our partners, products and services and solutions. We are flexible to respond to our clients needs with confidence. Offer a wide range products and solutions we can adapt quickly and effectively when our clients call upon us to do so.


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