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Product Details: ARM-TC10-E

iX104C5 DMSR

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ARM-TC10-E 10" Rugged Tablet

Powered by over a decade of first-hand customer
experience, the ARM-TC10-E stands up to real world
conditions such as 4’ operating drops to concrete, driving rain, blowing sand and dust, constant vibration, temperature extremes and more. Rugged design innovations in combination with independent MIL-STD testing instills confidence that the ARM-TC10-E will protect critical data and deliver in the most challenging conditions.

Powered by the newest Intel CoreTM i7 processor, the ARMTC10- E offers the most advanced performance platform in its class, enabling organizations to confidently distribute dense, multi-functional applications to the field thereby helping to increase and enhance worker productivity and situational response times. It keeps its cool utilizing remote heat exchanger technology while maintaining a submersible
IP-67 rating.

The ARM-TC10-E delivers maximum input flexibility and usability with an optically engineered rugged sunlightviewable display, innovative auto-switching digitizer supporting both gloved-touch and active pen inputs, enhanced multi-modal wireless communications and RAID array configuration options. Users can quickly adapt to varying application needs and readily view critical information on-site where work gets done.

The ARM-TC10-E incorporates advanced technologies from industry leaders and was designed to provide long, stable lifecycles. With a proven track record of high reliability and low failure rates in combination with industry-leading useraccessible upgrade bays, our tablet helps deliver greater system uptime on the job and lower Total Cost of Ownership.ARM-TC10-E Dual-Mode Sunlight-Readable (DMSR) Tablet is the most rugged, powerful and longest-lasting tablet in the world. Designed with and for end users, Xplore's 5th generation rugged tablet has been engineered, independently MIL-STD tested and proven to operate in the most demanding environments.


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